Early Finish - Friday 21 July

Launceston College will close at the earlier time of 1.30pm on Friday 21st July 2017.  If this causes you any difficulties then please contact Mrs Preece, Attendance Officer, on 01566 771850.

School transport will leave at 1.40pm after our final celebration assembly.  The Summercourt Travel LAU011 Trossell/Horrell Turn  , Group Travel LAU010 Green Moor Cross/Langore and Group Travel LAU001 Lezant/Lawhitton service buses are unable to leave early due to service timetables, therefore, we are hoping that parents of these students will be able to arrange for their children to either be collected or go home with friends as in previous years.  If this is not possible can you please let Mrs Preece know by Friday 14th July in order that we can make arrangements for these students to be supervised until they can catch their bus at the normal leaving time of 3.15pm.

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Welcome to the Launceston College website. We very much hope that you find it both interesting and informative. This site has been designed to give a wide range of information about the activities and work of the College. We hope that in exploring the site you will gain an understanding of the way we work and the principles for which we stand.

At Launceston College we aim for young people to be happy, successful and responsible by learning the knowledge skills and values that are important for society.

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