Adventure Learning News

Year 7 Immersive Learning Days

As part of the Year 7 transition programme your son/daughter will be taking part in a collapsed curriculum day.  During which they will be spending time at the Adventure Learning Centre cooking food on open fires, as well as conducting a fieldwork enquiry either in the Year 7 Hub, or on the Games Field.

Due to the amount of time spent outside it is advisable that students do not attend College in their uniforms, but wear clothing suitable for being outside, including a waterproof layer and outdoor suitable footwear. Denim jeans are not suitable for this activity.

We will be running the event with students taking part in their houses, please see the table below for when your son/daughter will be attending the event.

Date Tutor groups
Monday 5th October Causley


Tuesday 6th October Trevithick


Monday 12th October Hepworth


Tuesday 13th October Rescorla



There will be no charge for this event and it will take place during normal school hours. Students will be able to travel home in their usual way.