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Year 12 Fieldwork visit to Perranporth sand dunes

On the 16th November our Year 12 geography students made the journey to Penhale corner, Perranporth. As we ventured out from Perran Sands holiday park we were greeted with a breath-taking cliff top view across the Atlantic Ocean. Our intrepid geographers, equipped with ranging poles and clinometers, set out across the dunes in search of the perfect psammosere succession. After some consideration over how and where to collect our data, students embarked on their transects, collecting information on changes in the dune system from the beach to the heathland behind. After a rather steep few hours amongst the dune system we regrouped on the beach to evaluate how successful our data collection had been. Despite the 300 metre climb back up to the top of the dunes, students left with a practical application of the enquiry process, on which they will be examined in the skills component of their AS exam in the summer. Mr Bazely and Miss Carlton would like to thank our Year 12 geographers for a fantastic day in the field.