Humanities News

This Week in History

We have had a wonderful half term of home learning this term in humanities. Well done to all of our students who have engaged so positively and submitted excellent work. We are extremely impressed by the determination and creative way that our students are approaching their remote learning.

Within history, our Year 8 students have started to look at the roots of the slave trade. Student have been examining the role that Britain plays in this inhumane industry and the impact that it has on the social, political and economic lives of people all around the world. This month is Black History Month in the USA, if you would like to find out more please visit this website National Heritage.

In Year 9, we are studying the causes and consequences of World War One and the rise of dictators in the 20th Century, which will link directly into their GCSE studies.

In Year 10, our students are continuing to study the development and progression of medical understanding; the role of individuals in developing their understanding of causes and the treatment of diseases and the role of the government in developing and improving public health. Students this year have been able to relate to the attitudes of the time in light of our present-day experiences of the global health pandemic and the importance of science and technology in developing vaccines.

In Year 11 our students are continuing to study the causes of World War Two, looking at the impact of the peace treaties of World War One and how a policy of Appeasement enabled Adolf Hitler to secure his foreign policy goals.

Our A Level students are continuing to work hard; following the studies of their two areas; The Cold War and the Tudors. It has also been fantastic to read through the coursework that our Year 13s have been writing; looking at the development of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff, parents and students for your hard work and support this half term. I hope you have a restful and enjoyable half term.

Miss Carlton