Welcome to Causley House

Mr Daymond – Head of House, Mrs Wells – Deputy Head of House, Mrs Crispin – Pastoral Support

The Causley team are here to provide pastoral support to the students in our house.  Please feel free to contact a member of the Causley team or your child’s tutor if you have any concerns.


Head of House, Paul Daymond – stfpkd@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Deputy Head of House, Elizabeth Wells – stfecw@launcestoncollege.org.uk


Causley Pastoral Support, Becky Crispin – stfrhc@launcestoncollege.org.uk


7JP, Mr Parker – cov1jp@launcestoncollege.org.uk

7ELG, Mrs Gough – stfelg@launcestoncollege.org.uk

7RRU, Miss Rueda-Soriano – stfrru@launcestoncollege.org.uk


8JY, Mr Young – stfjy@launcestoncollege.org.uk

8SGB, Mrs Bernardi – stfsgb@launcestoncollege.org.uk


9PJM, Mr Martin – stfpjm@launcestoncollege.org.uk

9CLS, Mrs Smith – stfcls@launcestoncollege.org.uk


10JJA, Mr James – stfjja@launcestoncollege.org.uk

10FMP, Mrs Penny – stffmp@launcestoncollege.org.uk


11AJS, Mr Sandford – stfajs@launcestoncollege.org.uk

11RB, Mr Bazely – stfrb@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Causley Lockdown Updates

Each week Mr Daymond is making an update for members of Causley. These also appear on the Causley Google Classroom.

The documents below are referred to by Mr Daymond in his updates.