Humanities News

Student General Election

Over the last few weeks students at the College have been considering the pledges made by the political parties in the run up to the General Election today. They have run assemblies, taken part in hustings and learnt about the key manifesto ideas being promoted. Today they have all had the opportunity to vote in our own mock election. The polling stations were open this morning from 8.45am and students have been steadily voting all day. Voting turnout at the school was 53.3%, with Trevithick House having the best turnout with 71.8% of students voting.

The results of our election are as follows:

The Liberal Democrat Party 233 votes
The Conservative Party 205 votes
The Labour Party 153 votes
The Green Party 66 votes
The Brexit Party 16 votes

Will the national voting pattern follow ours? We will find out tomorrow.

Thank you to all staff and students for their enthusiasm, and well done to the House Leaders for working hard all day to running the polling stations and counting votes.