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Stop Child Trafficking: 10 reasons why from our School Campaigners

Our School Campaigners joined the Stop Child Trafficking campaign back in May and they’ve been busy raising awareness of this UK issue at school and in their local communities. They’ve signed the petition in their hundreds and written letters to the Home Secretary Theresa May.

Here, students from Launceston College, tell us why they are passionate campaigners and want child trafficking to stop in the UK.


  1. 10 children a week are trafficked and those are only the ones we know about. So to stand up for them and the ones we don’t know about we need a strong campaign to get it out to everyone who doesn’t know about this growing crime.

Charlotte, 13


  1. I would definitely not like be taken away from my family. I wouldn’t like to be working all day and night and not get any sleep and barely get any food or drink. For doing trafficking you only get a sentence of 7 years in prison. Doing drugs you get 13 years in prison. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Jess, 13


  1. It’s not right to see kids working and having a poor place to live at a very young age they should not be stuck in a factory with little food and water and also very cramped conditions as well as not having any protective clothing.

Toby, 13


  1. Kids shouldn’t be used as a slave they should be out playing and having fun.

Alex, 13


  1. It is very wrong to sell children and make them do whatever the buyer wants them to do. Some are made into war machines (Child soldiers). Some are sexually harassed and raped. They need everybody’s help.

Brandon, 13


  1. I am very passionate about the Stop Child Trafficking campaign because it’s not fair that children my age are not getting the same rights I am, especially having them being taken away. Children my age, 13, are scavenging for food or sex slaves, this is wrong and I want it to change. I joined UNICEF because it gives me a chance to make a difference and campaign about the problem that is Child Trafficking and get it STOPPED.

Max, 13


  1. I am passionate about the stop child trafficking campaign because if it was one of my friends or family or anyone I knew I would want to help them.

Ethan, 13


  1. It’s not right that people are making money by exploiting others.

Will, 13


  1. Since we started the project on child trafficking I have been very passionate about making it stop. I want to make it stop because it is not fair that kids all over the world don’t have a free and safe life and I strongly believe that this needs to change.

Cameron, 13


  1. We believe that if we continue our research and join the campaign, we 8JRA can help make a difference.

Sophie, 13


You can join the students of Launceston College and UNICEF UK by campaigning to Stop Child Trafficking: