Launceston College Sixth Form Lockdown remote learning protocols.


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Launceston College Sixth Form is committed to providing students with the best possible education.

To ensure this, it is this expectation that all Sixth Form students will follow their normal timetable and it is the expectation that the College will deliver all lessons via Google Classrooms.

These lessons may take several forms:

  1. Most lessons will contain a ‘live’ lesson delivered through Google meet, and all students should have a code to access these lessons. If a student does not think they have the code, then they should be able to find it on the banner for their Google classroom, for that subject. If not, they must contact their teacher, who should be able to send them the code. Teachers will inform students of when they are going to start the live lesson, as this may not always be at the beginning of the lesson.
  2. It is the expectation that students should attend these lessons where possible, however, it is understood that there are reasons why this may not happen, and students are advised to contact their teacher as soon as possible if this is the case.
  3. Some lessons may have the teacher delivery through a video, and the link to this will be available through the post or the classwork assignment. The class teacher should also have explained at what point in the lesson students should view the video.
  4. Occasionally, teachers will set a whole lesson as a Google classroom assignment, this may be mainly where subjects have coursework elements to them, which students need to complete independently. If this is the case, teachers should have given written instructions through the classwork section of Google Classrooms and these should be available for the beginning of the lesson.

Students are also expected to attend tutor time and IAG through Google Classroom and Google meet and the Sixth Form will be continuing to deliver the IAG programme including UCAS support. These sessions will also give students a chance to talk to tutors and the Sixth Form team about other issues, such has mental and physical health.


We are aware that for students to attend and fully participate in these lessons it is a necessity that they have access to appropriate devices and an internet connection that will allow them to participate, both, in live lessons and in viewing videos and creating their work.

If there is any restriction, due to equipment, that is preventing a student from fully participating, please contact a member of the Sixth Form Team immediately, so that we can help resolve the issues and ensure that teachers know that these issues exist.

If there are other issues that are preventing students from participating, such has health issues, or lack of other equipment, the Sixth Form Team and tutors are available to help.

Contact details – (e-mail) or (Tel) 01566 771855.

Please also look at the updated bursary policy, as students may now be eligible for help through the discretionary bursary, while engaging in remote learning.


There are also a lot of useful information about how to work, how to access facilities, etc. on the main College, remote learning webpage. Also in the Remote Learning Frequently Asked Questions shared by the College.