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Science Staff Help Junior Discovery Prize

On Wednesday 20th July, St Giles on the Heath Primary School held a Junior Discovery Prize afternoon. Children from Reception through to Year 6 have spent this half term working on group and individual projects on scientific topics of their choice. Their task was to investigate and research any question that interested them. Children had looked into density, the sea, sound, materials, whether cats can be right or left pawed and much more besides. Science staff from Launceston College were invited in to look at the work done by all the children and to judge the final results. Parents also came in to celebrate the science work achieved by their children and watch the presentations they had prepared. Alongside this, Reception children ran a Pirate themed cafe and served cakes and drinks to all the guests. Well done to all the children and staff involved and a huge thank you to Dr Cooper, Mr Adams and Mr Piper from Launceston College for their time and enthusiasm.