Students at Launceston College study the OCR specification Art  Craft and Design (J170). This can be found here:

Exams: (not to be taken in 2021)

Coursework component 60% of the course marks due to be completed 20/12/19

Externally set task (exam project) 40% of course marks Paper given to candidates on or after 2nd January 2020 to be completed 28th and 29th May 2020

 GCSE Examination

Select one starting point from the 5 themes on your examination paper and create a visual mind map as a starting point. If you cannot decide between 2 or 3 questions then make mind maps for all of them this will help you make a final choice.

Any mind maps you make will be submitted as part of your prep work.

The preparation work is worth 75% of the marks and the final piece produced in the 10 hour examination is worth 25% of the overall marks.

The prep work is to help you to organise your ideas and thoughts before the exam. You should have a clear idea of your final image thought through, visualized and tried out on paper or 3D before the exam. It should include images, drawings, paintings, notes of intentions and relevance to artists referenced.

All your prep work has to be brought into the exam to inform and support your final exam image/model.

Preparation work required:

1 A3 visual mind map completed 20.1.20

2 A3 artist reference / influence images and information completed 3.2.20

1 A3 pencil drawing completed 17.2.20

2 A3 ideas for final using a wide range of materials (chalk, oil pastel, collage, clay, wire, paint etc) completed 9.3.20

1 A3 preliminary exam image or 1 preliminary model of final completed 23.3.20

1 A3 pencil drawing completed 20.4.20

More work than above can be created for you to achieve a higher target grade.

If in doubt at any stage ASK YOUR ART TEACHER OR HEAD of ART.