Performance Academy

The Performance Academy is an exciting initiative from Launceston College that is designed to encourage teamwork and excellence among its performers. It is envisaged that the members of this new academy will be students who really want to get better at an activity so that they can compete to the highest level they can. The academy will build upon the skills students learned in lesson so that members can develop alongside like-minded others.

The Performance Academy will run during lunchtimes and after-school. The activities will run every week regardless of the weather. There must be minimum numbers for an activity to run but there is also a maximum limit on numbers to allow for a good level of competition.

In order to provide a platform for their skills we guarantee a certain amount of games / competition for the students who sign up to the Performance Academy. As a result, only members of the academy will be able to represent the College in that activity. Lunchtime sessions are from 1.30pm to 2.10pm and after-school sessions are from 3.15 to 4.30pm. If you live outside Launceston there is an after-school bus at 4.35pm after each session but your child must remember to sign up for it at lunchtime on the day of the session; this can be done at reception.

Sports kit must be worn for all clubs, including at lunchtimes, but this does not need to be College PE kit.

These activities do have a cost attached but this fee will go towards benefitting the students. This fee will cover any transport costs that arise from away games, any tournament entrance fees and will go towards coaching courses for older students who volunteer as sports leaders in these activities.


Autumn Term 2022 Timetable Autumn Term 2022 Timetable