English News

Lockdown Learning in English

Students have continued to impress us with their attitude to learning this week and also with the high quality of work being submitted to our Google classrooms.  Here is just one example of some more excellent creative work in response to our text for Year 9:  Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Ryan Jenkin (9PJM) made this brilliant cake of the windmill.  The cake is a Victoria sponge sandwiched with butter icing.  Fondant icing has been used for the decoration (including Farmer Jones!) and chocolate covered biscuits have been used for the windmill blades.

Students in Year 7 have transitioned from Chaucer to Shakespeare and are embracing their study of The Tempest.  Widely believed to have been Shakespeare’s last play, there are lots of intriguing characters and plot twists for students to enjoy.  You may remember Chloe Pullin’s excellent artwork from last week which was her interpretation of the storm at the beginning of the play.

Year 8 have moved on to their study of Gothic fiction and are in the early stages of learning the conventions of this genre whilst making some links back to Romanticism.

Year 10 are still busy with their study of poems based around power and conflict from the AQA anthology and Year 11 are preparing for another national task which will test their ability to compare how writers convey ideas and perspectives in non-fiction texts.  Have a look at these brilliant artistic impressions of the world of The Prelude; students selected Wordsworth’s imagery from the poem and tried to replicate that within their artwork. Great work, Lawrence, Annabelle and Caitlin!

Sixth form classes have continued to work on all kinds of interesting coursework titles and course related texts across English language, English literature and film studies.

Well done, everyone!  The English Faculty looks forward to seeing you all soon.