What should I do if my child…

…cannot access the lessons at their timetabled time?

We have designed our remote learning offer to be as predictable as possible, so students will know when each of their subjects will set work each day. This will hopefully help many students and families to organise their time and structure their learning. If students cannot access the lesson at the timetabled time, please don’t worry. Teachers are aware that some students will not be able to be ‘live’ and are adding videos (in many cases, the same video that others will have seen during the lesson), and learning resources for each lesson which can be accessed at a different time.

…is finding there is too much work to complete?

We want our remote learning offer to be ambitious and meaningful, and we want to support students to access as much of their normal curriculum content as possible.  As such, we hope our remote learning offer is challenging and not too easy! However, adapting to independent working is challenging. Students should try to complete work for each lesson every day, but we do recognise that the time that each individual student will need to complete tasks naturally varies a great deal, and managing this is easier for students face to face in a classroom. Please do not worry if your child cannot complete everything. They should contact their teachers on Google Classroom to let them know their experiences of work being set, and we would encourage them to let teachers know if they feel they are finding the work overwhelming. We will seek feedback regularly from students and parents while schools are closed, and will do everything we can to adapt the teaching provision appropriately. Your child is not obliged to ‘finish’ everything they are set, and they will be supported to catch up on any missed learning once schools reopen. If they are overwhelmed, please encourage them to take a break and feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your concerns.

…is finding it difficult to download or upload work?

We understand how frustrating it can be for students who are trying to upload or download work, and the internet connection fails at the crucial moment! If this happens, please just send your teacher a message on Google Classroom to let them know you are having trouble. Please try to reassure your child that all we ask is for them to do their best, and do understand if technology gets in the way. We will monitor Google Classroom carefully to support students to engage, so students sending messages to teachers is a crucial part of letting us know they are engaging with remote learning.

…cannot complete all of the work because some of it is too hard?

Please encourage your child to contact their teacher or tutor to let them know.

…is finding there is not enough work to keep them busy?

Please encourage your child to contact their teacher or tutor to let them know.

…has missed some lessons and is trying to catch up, or is worried about not being seen to engage with remote learning?

We want to engage with all students, no matter what their circumstances. We know that for some students who may have missed parts of remote learning, they can feel uncertain about joining or re-joining Google Classrooms. Please encourage them, it is no problem, and teachers will support them to re-orientate with the curriculum.

…doesn’t have the resources to complete a task set (eg. specific equipment for practical tasks)?

Many remote learning tasks will be based online or require basic resources like pens and paper to complete. We know that some students will gain a great deal from completing certain types of practical, creative or interactive tasks at home.  If a task is set which is difficult for your child to complete because they wouldn’t be able to do it without lots of additional adult support, or you don’t easily have the resources available to do so, we don’t want you to feel pressure to facilitate this. Again, encourage your child to let the teacher know their experience by sending them a message on Google Classroom.

…is having internet connection or device problems?

If your circumstances change, and your child is unable to reliably and manageably connect with online learning for any technology related reason (for example, if they are using a smartphone with limited data, their device breaks, they are sharing a device, your internet at home has a fault) please let us know, and we may be able to offer support. Please email stfdae@launcestoncollege.org.uk

…is finding spending lots of time in front of a screen difficult?

Remote learning does necessarily mean increased screen time for students. If your child is getting tired or finding the screen difficult, please encourage them to take a break, and do something different for a while. Wellbeing and health is the priority!

…has a special educational need or required more support to access learning in their subjects?

If your child normally has LSA support, they should be able to continue to access this through Google Classroom, who can help them virtually.  If you have specific concerns about your child and their special educational needs, please contact their House Team, or the College SENDCO.

…my child wants to do other valuable and enriching educational work?

Our ambition is that all of our students engage with their normal curriculum through our remote learning offer, and we hope there will be enough to keep them occupied and engaged. There may however be occasions where students find it hard to engage with some tasks, or need the chance to do something different to support their wellbeing and mental health. We acknowledge there might be real value for students participating in other family, community, charitable, or enriching activities. Please encourage them to do this. Take some photos, write a short reflection and share with your child’s tutor group!

Is there anything else I can do to help my child with their learning?

Our remote learning offer will support students to keep following their curriculum pathways, and is designed to be accessed by students as independently as possible. We know that parents and families will be balancing many different responsibilities. You may wish to:

  • Discuss with your child what lessons they have to each day, to help them stay organised and on top of their work
  • Encourage them to be in contact with their teachers through Google Classroom
  • Encourage them to stay connected with their peers, especially in their tutor group Google Classrooms
  • Direct them to the ‘Remote Learning’ page on the College website https://www.launceston-college.cornwall.sch.uk/learning-home/ which has practical resources to help them organise and access their learning
  • Encourage them to undertake extra research on a curriculum topic – what books, articles, videos or information can they find about it beyond the curriculum?