Launceston Nursery children visit Outdoor Learning Resource at ALC

On a beautifully warm and dry morning, 10 pupils aged 3-4 years, walked across to main school with their Early Years Teacher, Lucy Huckle, and Early Years Assistants Esme Ash and Demelza Leather, to visit College’s Outdoor Learning Resource and meet Ms Unwin. Crossing the road carefully, they walked ‘crocodile’ style, (remember that?), along the safe walkway to the wild area. Seeing it for the first time elicited the general response ‘wow’, and some were enthralled by the butterflies fluttering around.

Just sitting down and for some, lying, on the warm giant blue tarpaulin was fun enough. Children were told about stinging nettles and shown squirrel nibbled apples. They didn’t touch these.

Soon however, we were in the wild wood and finding twigs, leaves, bark and red poppy fragments. These were carefully carried back to the tarpaulin but not before skilfully balancing along a giant log (with teachers help).

Each child attempted, successfully, to create their own 3-dimensional picture using what they had collected. These ranged from flowers, to butterflies to dragons! Next, they divided into small groups to go and explore. Hands washed, the blue tarp beckoned again. Squash was prepared for the children to drink, tea for the staff and carrots and apples all round. Nothing was wasted; tea bags and any dropped snacks were added to compost bin 4.  By now an hour had whooshed past and it was time to go.

See you next week on the green tarpaulin!!!.