Jubilee Challenge 2019 – Final report

On the last day of half term , Principal Bryan Maywood took the time in his busy schedule, to meet up with Ten Tors 35 miler teams and Jubilee  Challenge participants, route one and two, to commend them for their wonderful efforts. All were successful on the day in their respective events.  Enjoying a slice of cake by way of a ‘thank you’, from the school, students chatted about their adventures. Jubilee Challenge pupils wore their printed tee shirts and showed off their medals before being presented with a memento by their respective house captains.  Jubilee staff Carol Unwin, Mimi Owen, Matt Mitcheson and Jo Carlton were thanked as were Ten Tors staff Caroline Read, Paul Oliver, Jim Parker and their support team

Tee shirts and mementos kindly supplied by Mr Mrs Roberts of RPM Signs.