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Humanities Update

Over the last week in humanities we have been studying the inauguration of President Biden. Students in KS3 have been learning about the ceremony and reflecting on the legacy of the outgoing President and the future with the new. We have studied President Biden’s acceptance speech, the significance in the appointment of Kamala Harris as Vice President and had really interesting conversations about the message that the new Presidency is trying to portray.

Students have also examined the wonderful poem by Amanda Gorman. If you have not had a chance to listen to it yourself, it can be found on

In GCSE Citizenship Studies students have become involved in the judicial process, examining case studies in an online court. Students have learnt about the purpose of punishment, the types of punishment and the factors that affect the sentences given. Our students have really enjoyed learning through this resource.

“I really liked doing this and have done a few with my family now! :)”

“I have learnt that many different factors, both aggravating and mitigating, have to be taken into account when sentencing an offender, with varying sentences depending on the defendant’s individual circumstances. I thought the website was interesting and it helped me to have a better understanding of how courts work.”

“Something I learned about whilst completing the tasks is the different types of punishment. Previously, I didn’t know what a discharged sentence was and I also didn’t know about the circumstances (aggravating and mitigating). I found the website of trials extremely useful, and I would definitely use it again…., I felt engaged, and I learnt about the sentences and how the circumstances fully affect the final decision”

Well done to everyone who is working so hard at home and in College, and for all your positive feedback. Thank you also to all our parents and carers for your continued support.