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Humanities Update

Welcome back to College and to the humanities faculty. I hope you have all had a good rest over half term and had the opportunity to spend some time outside and away from the computer screen. This week our update focuses on the learning that has been happening in geography.

The word ‘geography’ originates from two Greek words.  The first is ‘geo’ which means ‘the earth’ and the second Greek word is “graph” which means  ‘to write’. So geography, in its essence, is writing about the world. Arguably with the pandemic, climate change and changing global political spheres amongst other issues it has never been more relevant. At the same time, geography is a subject that expands beyond classrooms, schools, homes and localities so we can’t wait, when the time is right, to get back out there and explore.

Year 8 geographers have been learning about contrasting development between and within India and the UK. They are currently completing summative assessments on this unit of work.

Year 9 geographers have been studying deserts and similarly are undertaking their summative assessments. Here is some excellent evidence of thorough revision preparation from Felix Jacobs.

Year 8 and Year 9 will be going on to look at rivers next. The first lesson involves looking at why rivers are important! Here is an activity that they could carry out for enrichment.

  • If it is safe, take your daily exercise to your local river.
  • Identify a couple of reasons why it is important.
  • If you can’t get out to your local river, do a small bit of research on a river of your choice and use that to give your reasons about why it is important.
  • Produce something creative (e.g. a painting, a sketch, a poem or a short story) that conveys these reasons of the river’s importance.

Email your geography teachers with any work produced.

Our GCSE geographers are continuing working on aspects of the AQA specification. Year 10 have been learning about Mumbai and London as part of the Urban Issues and Challenges unit and Year 11 have been learning about India and London as part of the Changing Economic World unit. Here is an excellent case study revision mind map from Lyla Robinson:

Our A Level geographers are continuing to work hard. Year 12 have been working industriously on the Changing Places and Water and Carbon Cycles units and Year 13 have been working on Water and Carbon Cycles, NEA and Global Systems and Global Governance. Her is an example of some excellent case study work on Brick Lane from Jowna Strike.

We are extremely proud of our young geographers who have engaged with the remote learning provision so diligently. Furthermore, we would like to thank staff and parents for their continued support.