Help getting set up on Google Classroom

Google Classroom and e-contact book

Students who are learning from home will use Google Classroom to access their curriculum. It is our ambition to provide personalised online teaching and learning materials for each lesson, following the timings of the normal timetable. Students will be able to log on to their Google Classroom in the morning, where they can use their calendar to see the lessons they have for each day. This will include a House Google Classroom, which will give students the chance to stay connected with their tutor groups and House teams and to receive support from their tutors with issues and concerns with remote learning. Please do encourage your child to interact with their tutor with queries and questions. Students should go to the relevant classroom at the start of each lesson to begin the learning for that subject.

The learning will take the following main forms:

  • Teachers will host live lessons on Google Classroom (this uses the Google Meet app to allow secure virtual face to face lessons).
  • Teachers will create and post pre-recorded videos using the online streaming service ‘Loom.’ This allows students to access online instructional videos created for them by their teachers, without having to download large files.
  • In some cases, other lesson resources will be available on the Google Classroom which will allow students to undertake curriculum tasks independently, and provide for those unable to stream live content.

We have put together some instructions on how to access and use Google Classroom, Google Meet and your College email.

We would like you to know how to:

  • Access your school email
  • Log in to Google Classroom
  • Join classes on Google Classroom
  • Find work and hand in work to the teacher on Google Classroom
  • Access google meet
  • Use the functions in Google Meet

How do I log into Google Classroom?


Key points

  • Use school email address
  • Password is the same as you use to log in to a computer at school
  • If you change your password your password for Google Classroom will change as well.

How to join a class in Google Classroom?


Key points:

Three ways to join a google classroom…

  1. Through a code e.g: 4hg6kjlf
  2. With a link which you can find on the econtact book or in your school email.
  3. Class teacher has invited you to join (appears on class homepage)

How to find out work I have been set? And how do I hand it in?


Key points:

  • Summary of work for each class under the subject heads
  • To do list (top right hand corner) puts it in order for you of what is due first.
  • You can attached picture or a document when you hand in your work for feedback.
  • Private comments send a message to your teacher only you and them can see.
  • Commenting in the stream means that the whole class can see it.

How do I access my school email?


Key points:

  • Your school email ends in
  • The beginning part will be your school log in details
  • Your password is the same as your school log in details
  • If you change your password for the school computers it will change the password for you emails.
  • If you wish to contact your teacher please use google classroom private comments rather than send an email.

How do I log into Google Meet?


Key points:

  • You need to be logged into google classrooms
  • You must use your school email
  • The link to the Google Meet will be in the top of the Google Classroom or posted on the stream or in the assignment

How do I use Google Meet?


Key points:

  • Try to mute  yourself when you are not speaking
  • The College behaviour policy is the same on Google Meet as it would be in College.

How to use an iPhone to scan in documents

Key points:

  • How to use the notes sections of an iPhone to create a pdf of student work to be uploaded to google classroom.