Welcome to the Science Department

Science is a subject which plays a fundamental role in shaping our daily lives, giving us the tools to explain the universe around us.

At Launceston College, the Science Faculty is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for all the pupils we teach, and to ensuring they understand the relevance of science to their lives, both now and in the future.

Aims of Science teaching at Launceston College:

  • Pupils enjoy their science lessons
  • Pupils see the relevance of science in their everyday lives, as well as future careers
  • Our curriculum is, challenging, engaging and practical-based, with fantastic opportunities for pupils both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Pupils know how to make progress and achieve their targets, and strive for success
  • Staff have the skills, knowledge, expertise and support to ensure the very best outcomes for all pupils

How we will achieve these aims:

  • Learning activities are varied, develop student’s thinking skills and have a practical focus
  • Relationships between students and staff are positive and supportive, helping to build confidence and give students the courage to get things wrong
  • Poor behaviour and disruption is proactively and effectively dealt with
  • Learning is placed into a modern and engaging context, so that pupils see the relevance of what they are learning
  • Learning is regularly linked to a wide range of careers
  • Challenge is a consistent and ever-present feature of lessons, both in content and the activities students undertake
  • High quality feedback is provided to students, both verbal and written, that enables them to clearly understand how to make progress
  • Students have a high level of skill in giving peer and self-feedback
  • Students have a wide-ranging scientific vocabulary, of both content, command, and investigative keywords
  • Collaborative planning is a feature of teaching, where teachers work effectively together to ensure the best outcomes for pupils