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Year 7
Introduction About Me
Basic Block Letters
IT Lettering
Illuminated Letters
Colour Wheel Primary, secondary and tertiary colour
Hot and cold
Complimentary colour
Shades and tone
Line and shape – Kandinsky
Expressive colour – Munch
3D Project Clay fish – fish drawing research
Thumb pots – coils, slip, kilns, bisque, glazes
Cultural Project Aboriginal – research, painting, dreamtime, storytelling, maps, traditional colour
Egyptian – research, painting, plaster casts, relief and texture
Skills Project Drawing skills, mark making, shading, observation, tone
Japanese illustration
Portraits, preparation, shading techniques


Year 8
Drawing Negative Space
Drawing negative using plants
Bikes and machinery negatives in conjunction with Futurists and Vorticist artists
Cabbage drawing – sections leading to scale, abstraction and collage
Perspective One point –  Viaduct,  Objects – Lettering,  Rooms
Two point – Shapes, Lettering, Rooms
Three point – Extension work, Cityscapes, Colour fade with perspective
3D Project African Art
Research mid African masks and pots
Traditional coil techniques
Masks and Nigerian textiles as extension work
Art History Rousseau
Research into artist life and work
Painting in style of Rousseau
Use of watercolours
Research into artist’s life and work
Painting in style of Cezanne
Year 9


Art History Op Art  –  Victor Vasarely, Riley
Interlinked pattern paintings
Pop Art –  Lichtenstein, Warhol, Painting in the style of, Research ideas
Street Art –  Banksy/Robbo, Research, Image in style of
3D Project 3rd day technique
Slab pots
Pop Art extension into 3D
Slab images created, curves, plaques etc
Boats, ships, harbours, resources for slab images, drawing etc
Graphics Project Photo montage
Poster art/Russian propaganda
Own poster/CD cover
Photoshop ICT extension work
Skills Project Observational drawing
Objects of interest
Collage prints
Key Stage 4
Portraits Eye
Black and white, chalk, oil, pastel
Colour chalk, oil, pastel
Mono print
A1 celeb drawing
Pop Art Warhol
Street Art Banksy, King Robbo
Day of Dead Skull chalk, oil, pastel, drawing
D.o.D mask design
D.o.D mask
Surrealists Dali
Georgio De Chirico
Object drawing
Yr 10/Yr 11 mock
Portrait painting
Surreal mixed media/3D
3D pot design sheet
3D pot large scale
Mixed media self portrait
Year 11 Exam Prep Drawing
Artist research
Final piece
Key Stage 5

Programme of Study Programme of Study

Examples of Students’ Work Examples of Students’ Work

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