Welcome to the English & Media faculty

“To unpathed waters; undreamed shores”. Shakespeare

The faculty prides itself in providing a stimulating and challenging learning environment where students are supported in expanding their horizons and encouraged to take risks to develop their progress.

Mastery is at the heart of our teaching, which allows students to practise and become confident, sophisticated writers, readers and orators.

We recognise all learners have different needs and we aim to design our lessons to allow for personalisation. Students enjoy English at Launceston College and there is a purposeful buzz about the subject.

Both written and oral feedback are given regularly to help students improve with praise and celebration being important ingredients in our approach.

The faculty is housed in a purpose designed building which includes a media editing suite, reading area and seminar room.

The English and media team comprises:

Mrs Prouse
Mr Martin
Mrs Scott
Mrs Chadwick
Miss Saitch
Mr Coles
Mrs Taylor
Mr Maywood
Mrs Williams
Miss Trerise
Ms Hendy
Ms Bergmann
Mr Wendon
Mrs Brooker
Mr Christoforou

Please contact Mrs Prouse (stfkep@launcestoncollege.org.uk) if you would like to visit the faculty.