Emergency Closure Procedure

Very rarely, it is necessary for the College to close in the event of an emergency (e.g. adverse weather, flooding, no water or electricity) and we recognise that the decision to close the College significantly impacts upon you as parents/carers.

In the rare event that the College does have to close, our Emergency Closure Procedure is as follows:

  1. The Principal will make the final decision as to whether the College closes based on a risk assessment of the situation. In the event of emergency closure due to adverse weather the safety of travel to and from College will be included in the risk assessment before College opens, whether it is safe for staff and students to travel to College.
  2. Once the decision is made to close or not open the College, parents/carers will be sent a message via our internal College system, usually via email.
  3. Cornwall Council will also be notified and they publish a list of all school closures on their website at cornwall.gov.uk/schoolclosures. The local radio stations are also informed of the closure and a notice will be put on our website and Facebook page.

Cornwall Council now use Go Cornwall for school transport and as these are service buses, it is unlikely we will be able to ask them to collect students early. We will endeavour to call early school transport to send students home but if you child travels on school transport arranged by County, we will need to ask you to make alternative plans for them to be collected from College in the event we need to close in an emergency.

If you have not already done so, please complete our Emergency Closure Form: https://forms.gle/m7N3b7mLauarM8DX9

At least one member of staff will remain on site until the last student is collected.