Humanities News

Dan Rogerson MP visits 8JRA

8JRA have recently been learning about The Universal Rights of the Child and how many children are being denied these rights in some areas in the world.

They were particularly concerned about the growth of child trafficking and have written to our local MP Dan Rogerson about this, he visited the students on Friday 4th April to discuss this further.

They asked him lots of questions about child trafficking and the lack of education for many children. Within this study the students have also considered the impact of the Millennium Development Goals and discussed their progress towards the targets in 2015. They sent copies of their letters to MP Justine Greening, and were pleased to get a reply from her, congratulating them on their work.

Their letters are impressive and persuasive, the students believe that even more can be done to ensure that all children receive at least a primary education in order to prevent some of the abuses to their rights as set out in the UNCRC declaration, and will continue to raise awareness about this issue. They are going to form an action group in school and continue to campaign about these issues.