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Christmas Meal Winners

On Tuesday 14th December one tutor group from each year group in Years 7-11 were presented with a Christmas dinner that was prepared by the Key Stage 4 & 5 catering students.

Each term one tutor group per year will win a reward based on the number of House Points that they win as a group.  House Points are awarded by staff for a number of different things and students can track how many they receive by looking at their Class Charts account.

In the autumn term the winners were 7LEW, 8TCC, 9GCB, 10KCM and 11SI.  As a reward, in the last IAG lesson of term each tutor group came to the Old Hall for an hour of food, music and competition.  Students received a full turkey dinner with Christmas pudding to follow (or a vegan alternative).  The food was cooked by their fellow students, ably assisted by Mr Pigeon and Mr Sandford.

There will be a different tutor group award each term.  Keep a look out for what the reward will be this term and keep collecting those House Points.