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Bunjakko Update

We started the day with some amazing news.

Approximately 18 months ago, we began a project to develop a DT classroom in Bunjakko.

The initial aim of the project was simply to provide students with the resources to create reusable sanitary products, so that the girls could continue to study full time.

This project grew.

What began with a donation from Rotary for sewing machines, equipment and fabric, then became a donation for  a classroom. The room has been steadily taking shape until recently. We ran out of money. Covid19 has prevented the much needed funds from the fees from reaching the school, thereby the school were unable to afford their portion of the costs.

Rotary wanted to help, and I asked for a budget. It was too much, I asked for a modified budget, cutting out all but the absolute essentials needed to get the classroom up and running.

Last night the Rotary Club in Launceston voted to give Bunjakko the full amount.

I am beyond words.

This project will change lives. The students will very shortly have a classroom complete with 15 sewing machines, an over locker, a knitting machine and much more. Not only will the students be able to create their own products, they will learn valuable skills and be able to sell their creations to help pay school fees.

Rotary Launceston, are amazing.

Thank you for your continued support.

Emma Thompson


This is the reply from  Bunjakko Island Vocational School.


DEAR Sandra and all Rotarians

I, the directors, staff and students of Bunjakko Island Vocational high school (Molly and Paul) with great pleasure thank you for the second donation of £3300 meant to complete the Design and Technology (DT) classroom.

The first donation provided funds to build the DT classroom as it stands and with it we also bought 15 sewing machines, a knitting machine and an overlocker machine.

The second donation will ensure that by the end of May the DT classroom will be completed and fully utilized for the effective teaching of tailoring as a life skill and self-sustaining project, making sanitary wear for the girls and for sale.

We are happy to assure that the classroom will be completed by the end of May and readily equipped with the resources, and will offer the effective teaching of tailoring for our students

Special thanks goes to Sandra, Emma and to all Launceston Rotarians

On behalf of the directors and staff of Bunjakko Molly and Paul

We say Webale nnyo!

The Principal

Christine Kayigwa Ssekamatte.