Humanities News

Bunjakko Update

News from from our partner school, Bunjakko Island Vocational School, Uganda

Good morning, the big news today is that the road has been rebuilt, this means the school is no longer cut off from mainland Uganda. This should help with the delivery of food and materials into the school. There is a video attached to the google classroom of Uncle Paul walking on the new road. Listen for the sounds of the birds and wildlife and the boda boda’s racing by! The opening of the road has also meant that the delivery of materials for the classroom extension can be extended. We are building the extension with the support of Rotary Launceston, and it will be a dedicated textiles classroom which will house the sewing machines etc that we bought last month. Another new addition to the school is David, he will be the Director of studies, and he will move to Bunjakko with his wife and children. His wife will run a community medical centre, which Uncle Paul plans to set up opposite the school in a house that he is going to rent. This week I will send some of the money we have raised (£850) so far to help buy some food. We are going to keep some back for a cow, which we need to raise a little more for. Thank you all so much for your support.