Important Notices

Parent Briefing 18 June 2021

Dear parents/carers

Unfortunately, cases of Covid are currently on the rise across Devon and Cornwall. With this in mind the majority of this week’s briefing is dedicated to a reminder of the key information related to testing and self-isolation guidance. To continue to keep our College Covid safe for everyone, students are asked to test twice a week with the lateral flow tests home testing kits they are given by College. These kits are for the students only; if any other member of the household needs a LFT then these are widely available to collect at local pharmacies.

The guidelines for self-isolating can be found here

What if my child tests positive?
Students who test positive from a home lateral flow test will need to take a further ‘PCR test’ on the same day (or as soon as possible) to confirm the positive result. Parents can book a PCR test at or call 119.  You can also visit one of the drive-through test sites as it is faster than requesting a home PCR test.  The student and anyone they live with will need to self-isolate while they are waiting for the confirmatory PCR result. If the PCR test returns a positive result the student and the rest of their household will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the positive test date and follow the guidance from NHS Test and Trace.

What happens if the test is negative?
Following a negative lateral flow test or a negative PCR test, students should attend College as normal.

If my child has previously had Covid-19 do they still do the home tests?
If your child has had a confirmed positive case of Covid-19 they should not have a lateral flow test for 90 days following the positive result.  However, if your child develops symptoms or is identified as a close contact, they should self-isolate and follow the guidance from NHS Test and Trace.

If my child has had a Covid-19 vaccination do they still do the home tests?
Students who have received the vaccination should continue to be tested.

What if my child develops Covid-19 symptoms?
The Lateral Flow testing programme is for students with no Covid-19 symptoms. If your child develops any symptoms (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste) they and the rest of their household must immediately self-isolate, and book a PCR test by calling 119, visiting or visiting a drive-through test centre. Even if your child is not taking part in home testing they should self-isolate and arrange to take a PCR test if they develop Covid-19 symptoms.

What if a close contact tests positive?
If you or your child have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you must continue to follow the national self-isolation and testing rules. If there is a positive case of Covid-19 identified within the College community following an at home test, anyone that has had close contact with the positive case will be identified, parents will be informed and asked to collect their child from College.  Close contacts will need to self-isolate as per the national guidelines. Should a positive at home test case be found to be negative after the confirmatory PCR test, then the individual and any close contacts can return to College.  If the PCR confirms a positive test result, the individual and close contacts should continue to self-isolate for 10 days. If you were already self-isolating and had a test because you’ve been in close contact with someone who tested positive, your self-isolation period restarts if you test positive.

If your son/daughter have a positive LFT test you must inform the College immediately and confirm that a PCR test has been booked. Once the result of the PCR test is received, please let us know the result, even if this is negative. For all Covid-19 related matters please contact Gemma Bungay on 01566 772468 or

Summer Term Reminders

In the warmer weather some students may require antihistamines to assist with allergies Please can these be taken at home before coming to College. Please also ensure students have refillable water bottles and sun cream if required.

Yours faithfully

Jenn Burn