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Year 9 Causley Have a Great Kick Start

On Friday 5 July, the whole of Year 9 were working on a project called Kick Start to Key Stage 4. This marks the official end of key stage 3 and commencement of their GCSE and key stage 4 studies. The week has involved looking at a variety of skills that employers desire, both locally and nationally and has involved over 20 local business.

The week culminates with a project, in tutor based groups. titled ‘Operation Camelot’. This is a military style, fictitious evacuation of Cornwall completed through many complex stages. This year the Year 9 Challenge Cup winners were from 9RB, working with Mr Bazely and Miss Saitch, representing Causley House.

Special thanks go to Mrs Brownjon,  and Mr Williams for the detailed planning involved in ensuring Operation Camelot ran so smoothly.