Year 7 Tree Planting

A new wood (as yet to be named), is being created by Year 7. Working with Ms Unwin, each pupil is planting a tree sapling (kindly donated by the Woodland Trust), on the school fields. The wood consists of English broadleaf trees which will provide a legacy for the students, creature habitat, barrier from nearby traffic noise and fumes and contribute to the physical health and mental wellbeing of all who visit it in the future. Each tree has been named by the pupils, who have enjoyed very much this opportunity.

Thank you to Year 10 tutor groups who, also working with Ms Unwin in IAG time, have supported Year 7 by digging out the tree holes in preparation for the planting.  Thank you also to the Science Department who have also supported this venture by allowing it to be done in a science lesson, thus linking pupils understanding of Ecology (which they study), with a practical hands on experience.