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Year 7 Students Set to Accelerate Their Reading

Monday 3rd February saw the launch of Accelerated Reader, a new reading initiative for Year 7 students at Launceston College. For the past 6 weeks, Library staff and English teachers having been preparing their classes and the library for the start of the scheme

Flo Roberts and Juned Ali were the first to choose a book, eagerly followed by the rest of the class keen to begin their reading. Students were asked to choose a book at their reading level from the Accelerated Reader Library; freshly stocked with new and exciting titles to choose from.

The aim of the scheme is to develop a love of reading in our students. Accelerated Reader is an on-line programme that involves students taking a quiz after every book they have read. The quiz tests how well they have read and understood the book. Teachers will set targets for students reading growth and intervene quickly to help students that are struggling.

There are lots of incentives as part of the scheme. Students who achieve 85% or more in quizzes will receive praise points, students who read a million words will join the Millionaires Club and receive a £10 book token, students will also be able to track their progress via the weekly statistics displayed on the plasma screens around College and certificates will be awarded each month in a special Year 7 celebration assembly.

In September the current Year 7 will continue with Accelerated Reader and the new intake of Year 7’s will also be enrolled on the programme. We look forward to celebrating their many successes and creating the next generation of life long readers at Launceston College.