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Year 7 I Love my Job

During IAG this week the Year 7 students had the opportunity to listen to people from the local community talk about their careers and why they love them! Students were able to find out about a wide variety of interesting careers; the feedback was terrific with students telling us the following:

“I think that ‘I love my job’ was very good as we got to ask lots of questions about people’s jobs and it was a great way to look at our future job when we are older. :)”

“I really enjoyed listening to the visitors, I thought what they said was really interesting”.

“I think that it was amazing and very good for students for asking questions and getting to know about more behind peoples jobs. I also think it’s a way to look at our future job/ career”.

“It was fun and I would love it to happen again”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our visitors for giving their time and inspiring our students.