Important Notices

Year 11 Update

Dear Year 11 parents, carers and students

The confirmation of leaving dates for Year 11 students has been given careful consideration to ensure we can provide progression support for all of our students following their final assessments. The last day each student is in College will vary depending on their individual needs and progression plans. This letter aims to outline our provision for Year 11 the remainder of this term.

The last scheduled GCSE assessment date for Year 11 is Friday 21 May. From Monday 24 May students will need to continue to attend College if they have missed any of their final GCSE assessments and if they still need to complete any BTEC units, NEA’s, coursework or assignments required as subject portfolio evidence. Students in Year 11 must be available to attend College from Monday 24 to Friday 28 May if requested to do so by their teachers to complete work. If your child is required to be in College from Monday 24 to Friday 28 May, a member of staff will be in contact with you before Friday 21 May to confirm that they need to continue to attend.

From Monday 24 May until Friday 25 June we will continue to focus on the progression needs of Year 11 students and will provide a comprehensive progression package designed to support their next steps. Students will be provided with a range of online resources to complete and will be asked to select activities that are most relevant to them and their post 16 plans. Full details of the progression package will follow separately for parents and students and will be explained to students before Friday 21 May. The progression package will include:

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Transition to post 16/A level study – subject specific research investigation tasks to develop intellectual curiosity and back ground reading in your chosen subjects
  • Transition to post 16 study skills to support the development of independent learning skills and strategies
  • Work experience opportunities and preparation for employment or apprenticeship
  • Careers advice and individual support for student’s that have still to secure a post-16 progression route
  • Opportunity to visit alternative FE providers and post 16 destinations
  • Pastoral support including mental health and wellbeing

Students can continue to attend College from Monday 24 May to complete their choice of progression tasks if it is beneficial for them to do so; students may want to attend College because they do not have adequate digital access at home, or because they require specific teaching or support from staff to help them to secure their chosen progression route. Tutors, House teams and pastoral support staff will continue to work with students and parents throughout the summer term to confirm progression needs on an individual basis. If you would like your child to attend College from Monday 24 May please contact your child’s Head of House to discuss this provision. Students that do not have a confirmed post 16 progression route will be invited into College to work one to one with staff to secure suitable next steps.

We have been working with Year 11 students to plan a celebration of their achievements. If restrictions are lifted as currently planned and we are able to hold a Year 11 leavers celebration event, this will take place during the evening of Thursday 24 June at Trethorne Golf Club. More information about this event will be shared with parents and students in a separate letter. Please read the details carefully.

Monday 28 June Sixth Form Induction Day 

Students progressing into Launceston College Sixth Form will be invited to attend the Sixth Form Induction day on Monday 28 June. More details will follow from the Sixth Form about the importance of attending the Sixth Form on Induction Day to prepare for the next stage of your journey. Following the Induction Day, the Sixth form will be offering a selection of optional transition opportunities in College to help support progression into the Sixth Form. This will support and develop the online transition work available to students between Monday 24 May and Friday 25th June.

GCSE results day this year is Thursday 12 August and we plan to be able to invite students into College to collect their results. More details will follow on this next half term.

This has undoubtedly been an unprecedented year for Year 11 students and we want to ensure we provide them with as much support as we can moving forward. Students are taking their final assessments seriously this half term and as always, I have been very impressed by their resilience and determination to do their very best. They are a credit to themselves, their families and the College.

Yours sincerely
Jenn Burn