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Year 10 Maths Careers Webinar

During their maths lesson on Monday, some Year 10 students took part in the AMSP’s(Advanced Maths Support Programmes) Online Enrichment Event “Which Career? Meet people working in different roles”.

Within this session three panelists discussed their careers and their interest in mathematics.  AMSP also went through the option choices for mathematics after GCSE’s: A level mathematics, Further mathematics and core mathematics.

It was a very popular event, so unfortunately, they weren’t able to answer all the great questions that were submitted.  So a selection resources have been collated that link careers with the maths curriculum on the AMSP webpage

Some of our panellists have given the following information to share if any of the students were particularly interested in the careers they represented in the session:

Diamond Light Source has a website with lots of interesting information about they work they do, including public/educational visits and resources as well as potential careers.

Aviva Investors offer summer internships and school leaver training programmes. You can find out more on their careers website.

Careers with Pure Gym. Information on potential careers with Pure Gym can be found on their careers website.

Also this week is a session for students if they which to attend for themselves.  Using maths to improve lives on Thursday 14th July 4:30-5:15pm.

Do you want a career where you can improve the lives of other people? A job that benefits society and contributes to the ‘greater good’? Then join us to discover how the insights that mathematics gives us into situations can help you make a difference. Meet our role models who are doing this every day in their work and find out about how maths helps them in their jobs. You can also ask them question about their career journeys, starting from when they were at school, and what you can do if you want to be involved in something similar.

You will also hear about the different maths options that are available to you after GCSE

The event is aimed at 11 – 14 year olds but open to all, including teachers and parents

The event is an informal, panel-style format held on MS teams where students will be encouraged to ask the speakers questions.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn about future careers and gain some real insight from people using maths in their work and relate it back to what they are studying in class.

Please use the link to register.