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Vote For Josh

Joshua Mannino, with a passion for cookery recently entered a pea chef of the year competition.

This is his story –

I had to make a dish using peas as the star of the dish.

It has been confirmed that I have been selected as one of the top 5 recipe entries, out of hundreds, therefore, I now go into a live public vote starting Wednesday 16th of May and ending 15th of June.

I need everyone to vote for me on the link on FB, get your friends, family and anyone you know to vote for me, please spread the word.

It will give the school a £500 voucher to purchase cooking equipment and inspire other young individuals to explore the culture of cooking, and build on pre-existing skills.

I was inspired to make pea fritter burgers, which are not the easiest for a chef to create successfully, in the sense that vegan, lactose intolerant and coeliac are not the easiest to make dishes for, however I was committed to make the dish.

My fritters are: gluten free, nut free, lactose intolerant and suitable for vegans.

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