Important Notices

Updates on the Awarding of Grades – Summer 2021

Dear students, parents and carers,

As we enter the final few weeks of assessments for courses being completed in Year 11, 12 and 13, I would like to update you with further information on the procedure for the awarding of grades this summer.

Staff at the College have been working exceptionally hard to produce appropriate portfolios of evidence for each student in each subject and of course the current assessments will form a large and important part of these portfolios. The range of evidence collected will vary from subject to subject and students have been told what evidence is to be used in the consideration of their grades. This information will also be sent home to students in the week following half term, together with the raw scores that each student has achieved in each piece of evidence being considered.

This year OFQUAL has asked us to consider the evidence produced by students and award grades based on a holistic professional judgement using grade descriptors produced by the exam boards. Faculties in the College are following internal quality assurance procedures to make sure that the grades awarded this year are as accurate as possible based upon the evidence that is produced by each student. Our judgements will also be subjected to external quality assurance processes by the exam boards. Further details for the processes that we are following this year can be found in our Centre Policy for Awarding Grades in 2021 on our website.

It is worth noting at this stage that because exams are not being taken this year, there are no national grade boundaries to define each grade. This means the appeals process will be very different as there are no exams to remark. Details about the appeals process will be shared later when further information is released by OFQUAL. In addition, OFQUAL have been clear that the normal special consideration process for students who have been disadvantaged by events outside of their control during an exam (such as illness, or bereavement) cannot happen in the same way this year. Therefore, if you feel that you have grounds for special consideration for any assessment it is important that you make your Head of House aware as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for further assessment opportunities in the week beginning Monday 24 May if necessary. Sixth Form students should refer any requests for special consideration directly to me.

If you have any concerns about the processes for awarding grades can I refer you to the Guidance for Students, Parents and Guardians; GCSE, AS and A levels in England 2021. If you have any questions about personal circumstances please talk to us soon as possible and certainly before the end of this half term. It is important that you raise any such instances before we submit the grades to the exam boards.

We continue to be impressed with the preparation, resilience and application that students are displaying at the current time and we look forward to be able to celebrate some fantastic achievements in the summer.

Kind regards,
Steve Rush
Assistant Principal KS5