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Greetings From Uganda

Launceston College have global school partnerships with many schools, one of those in is Uganda. We have today received their annual school report, which details their recent move to Bunjakko from the capital Kampala. It is fantastic to hear about their progress as the new school develops its curriculum to support the young people of Uganda achieve an education.

Greetings from Uganda. We hope the Launceston College community are fine.

Molly and I plus Christine keep on thinking about you and we are writing to give you more information about the development at Bunjakko. We can never forget your great contribution that changed the face of Bunjakko. Thank you.

As you are aware, we are pleased to inform you that in January of this year, we relocated schools in Kampala called “MOLLY AND PAUL HIGH SCHOOL – Kibuye” to Bujakko island on the shores of Lake Victoria, 50 miles South of Kampala off Buwama Town along Masaka road.

The new school is called “BUNJAKKO ISLAND VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL”. It is a Day and Boarding – Ordinary and Advanced Senior Secondary school offering both Arts and Science subjects, Thus the need for a science laboratory, a library, and an ICT department. We were blessed to have acquired 12 acres of land at Bunjakko some years back, which, when the need for relocation arose, it became a viable option for the continuation of the school’s mission and supported the relocation with a larger area as opposed to less than half an acre which we used to have at Kibuye.

Currently we have 300 students, half of whom came from Kibuye – Kampala along with the relocation of the school, who would have missed schooling if we were to close Kibuye completely. As a result, accommodation and feeding are another hurdle. Please keep us in your prayers.
Bunjakko Vocational High School is the only senior secondary school on Bunjakko island. It is surrounded by 12 primary schools, which are a potential source of new fees paying students for secondary education in the near future, once we have enough class rooms, dormitory, laboratories, desk-furniture, laptops and text books.
We plan to keep on sending you more news and pictures about this school, its needs and developments. Thank you.

We are also happy to report that we are about to finish registering a new Community Based Organisation (CBO) that will be working at Bunjakko Island under Molly and Paul Educational Institute called; “BUNJAKKO SCHOOLS AND ISLAND COMMUNITY SKILLS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE”.

We have been allowed to register and present 65 students for the final ‘O’ ~ Level Uganda National Examinations and were able to get that letter after an inspection from the Ministry of Education, which showed that we have plans to construct the examinations hall. Please see their attached letter along with some conditions, plus related pictures.

We have also acquired the quarry/stones, sand and bricks using the donation from supportive visitors from the UK for the construction of the foundation of the examination hall and the school fence-wall which is a vital requirement.

We are experiencing a shortage of class rooms, laboratory and ICT equipment for learning and dormitories for both girls and boys. Solar power is another vital requirement as the school is not connected to the national electricity grid.

Another project that we are slowly handling is the enlargement and leveling of the sports grounds for football, netball and other co-curriculum activities, plus the development of sports skills of the students. We have designated two acres of land for this purpose.

The school recently participated in the local and district sports tournament, and we performed very well, and finished 12th out of 60 participating schools and at the zonal level finished 2nd.

The students are grouped into the following clubs, namely; Football club, Netball club, Volleyball club, Swimming club, Music and Drama club, Performing Arts club, Wildlife club, Environmental Protection club and the Debating club, which operate in four houses, namely; .

1. Launceston House
(in remembrance of a supportive UK school – Launceston College in Cornwall which was partnering with Kibuye and thank you for assuring us of Launceston’s continued partnership, and whose support was vital for the renovation of the buildings, before the relocation.)

2. Muteesa II House
(In remeberance of the 1st president of Uganda and the Kabaka of the Buganda Kingdom, who personally supported Uncle Paul’s upper primary education)

3. Shalom House
(In remembrance of Uncle Paul and Aunt Molly’s family home, known as Shalom House, that has and continues to open its doors to many children and students.)

4. Mandela House
(In remembrance of His Excellence Nelson Mandlea, former President of South Africa whose notable quotation; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” that rhymes with our schools motto; “A Healthy Nation Educates her Children.”)

We are blessed to have a strong experienced and dedicated teaching and support staff, many of whom came along with the relocation of the school from Kibuye – Kampala. We were warmly welcomed in the area by the local community, as evidenced by the overwhelming support by giving us new students in our first year of operations on this island. We also have a bore whole which supplies clean water to the school and the community.
Another vital project is that of “FOOD and CASH CROP production”. The tractor has already ploughed over four acres for this purpose.
As we wait for the dry season to plant tomatoes, since most farmers shall not be growing them, yet for us we shall be using irrigation as we are close to the lake. This gives us an upper hand to produce for a better market while others can’t, due to the dry season. We have already planted sweet potatoes, cabbages, watermelons and vegetables during this wet season.

We are also looking for and buying grass which we shall use to mulch the tomatoes. This grass has to be stored on trays to prevent it from being eaten by termites.

Another YOUTH CHOIR is vigorously training at Bunjakko to have a choir aged above 18 years, ready to travel abroad in the future. This youth choir is composed of six former members of the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir, most of whom are in Senior six.

We recently had visitors for Kamuzinda from Richard Lander , Cornwall UK and they passed by Bunjakko.

They liked the place very much and proposed that they will include Bunjakko on their list of places and schools to be visited in Uganda next year. They visit Kamuzinda every year and every student fund raises for various projects.

We are equally excited about your planned visit to Bunjakko with your students. We are busy planning for this very important visit.

For that matter, we are praying for support from friends and organisations to help us construct a GUEST HOUSE ready for this visit next year.

Please receive a good number of photos and videos showing the activities and developments at Bunjakko since the beginning of the year, by following the Google photos link below;

We are writing other proposals that include fish farming, which we shall share which you letter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

May God bless you.

Molly and Paul