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Trevithick Charity News

The students in Trevithick House decided to support animals for their charity this year. Earlier in the year a piggery was built at Bunjakko Island Vocational School in Uganda, and was filled with 9 pigs providing a breeding programme, food and fertiliser for the school. This fulfilled the international element of our work, for our local and national charity work we decided to support the amazing work done by the Hearing Dog for the Deaf charity. The students raised £180 supporting the training of a puppy for 18 months; we chose a beautiful puppy called Vesper to sponsor. Today the students have been visited by Helen Burridge and her hearing dog Sam. Helen gave a fantastic talk to the House, explaining her own personal story and how Sam supports her. We all fell in love with Sam as he enjoyed lots of attention and cuddles.  We are now looking forward to following Vesper’s progress as she lives and works with her socialisers before meeting her own partner when she reaches 20 months old. Helen and Sam and Head of House, Mrs Thompson are pictured with 8SI who raised a fabulous £68 recently by selling delicious cakes.

Thank you to Helen and Sam for a very inspiring and interesting visit, and well done to Trevithick House for their amazing efforts to support our charities.