Because of the nature of our catchment area many of you will need to know the arrangements for travel to the College.


For parents who live in Cornwall, enquiries should be addressed to Passenger Transport Unit on 01872 323428 For parents who live in Devon, enquiries should be addressed to the Central Unit at Exeter, telephone 01392 383953 or 01392 383961.


The Authority has a policy on the provision of free college transport.  It provides for free college transport where a student lives beyond the agreed statutory distance – three miles for those attending secondary college – and is attending their designated area college or their nearest college if that is different.

Some students may be given free transport even where they live within the statutory distance for special reasons e.g. health grounds.

It is a parental responsibility to arrange for children to travel safely between home and the picking up or dropping off point.

Where the Authority is not obliged to provide transport it is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for travel between home and college. Sometimes concessionary seats may be available on contractors’ vehicles which may be occupied by children not entitled to free transport.;  however, the concession may be withdrawn at any time if the seat is required for a student who is eligible for free or subsidised transport.  Please contact the appropriate person named above if you have any queries.

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For students who are entering the Sixth Form, subsidised transport is available for those outside the statutory distance, subject to certain conditions.  All students seeking subsidised transport to the College will be required to complete and submit an application form for each academic year of their attendance.

Currently the contribution required towards the cost of transport is £90 or £240 per year (subject to review).  If a student leaves college at a half term then he/she should apply to County Hall for a refund.


If parents are unhappy about a decision made about transport or feel that there are extenuating circumstances, they may make an appeal to a panel of elected members of the Regulatory Board whose decision is final.

Initial contact is with the Director of Services for Children, Young People & Families, County Hall, Truro. TR1 3AY and the Admissions and Transport (Policy) team