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Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge

On Monday the 26th Tia, Jack, Alfie and Henry went to the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge. Here they developed their skills in prosthetics, programming, and researching, whilst also demonstrating the practice they had made with a speed robot. Their advanced and thoughtful designing skills were made evident within this project. Once there they participated in a variety of speed skills based challenges, of which they came FIRST PLACE!!! However, this expedition proved to be a great success for more than one reason. After speaking with them, it was clear to see that not only had they learnt a lot, but had also developed a keen love for robotics. They told me that they feel this interest will spur them on to increase their knowledge. Already achieving high in Science as a whole, it is a great addition to their technical abilities.

Another key piece of appraisal also needs to be delivered to Tia, though. She told me that she had decided to volunteer up for the challenge after realising that there were no girls already involved. It is extremely important that we all take this as a moment to recognise the importance in equal participation; STEM subjects are for girls too.