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Ten Tors Taster

On Saturday 4th of October thirty nine Year 10 students gathered at the Adventure Learning Centre ready to get stuck into a range of different expedition workshops. The aim of the day was to introduce them to the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to successfully complete ten tors training.

Workshop one saw students identify the equipment they would need for overnight expeditioning. They were then able to practice packing rucksacks and fitting them correctly. For many students this was the first time they had felt the weight of a 65 litre rucksack and for some the reality hit home; once food and water are added the packs would be even heavier!

There were some delicious meals being concocted in the nutrition workshop. Students planned an expedition menu before learning how to cook safely on the trangias. Cooking teams then shared their creations, evaluating the pros and cons of meals made from scratch and the shop bought options which had been designed especially for outdoor pursuits. One student said ‘I found this session most useful because I found out how to use the trangia and what food would be good to eat. I didn’t realise how many extra calories you would need to consume to keep going’.

After a short break students moved on to the tent workshop. They considered suitable sites for pitching before having a go. There was some great team work demonstrated, with the Vaude and Wild Country tents going up quickly. After a short rest inside the tent (many contemplating how good a night’s sleep they might get), students practised packing them away neatly.

The first aid workshop saw students exploring the comprehensive first aid kits and discussing how to treat patients. Scenarios ranged from placing patients into the recovery position, to treating small burns, twisted ankles and hypothermia. They were introduced to the Emergency Green Card and told what to do in case of an emergency.  Many students said this was the most useful session as ‘I learnt things I could use on Ten Tors and everyday’.

After lunch students were introduced to basic map skills and were able to practice filling in a route card. This is vitally important as the more detail in which students plan their routes, the more straight forwards their navigation on the moors. One student described this session as being ‘crucial’ in order to be successful in training.

Overall the students did brilliantly. They actively engaged in workshops; listening to new information, asking insightful questions and getting stuck in when there was an opportunity to practice new skills. A special mention must go to Jess, Caitlyn, Jade, Beth, Chloe and Katie who won the team quiz and all took home sporks!

The instructors and I look forward to seeing the students again on Thursday 6th November in the Old Hall from 6pm. This is when students and their parents/carers have an opportunity to find out more about the 2015 Ten Tors training programme and ask any questions they might have before deciding if they wish to sign up.