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Success in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge for Lower Sixth

Since last autumn, about 10 students have given up their Wednesday lunchtimes to join Dr Lancaster and tackle extremely challenging chemistry problems as preparation for the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge for Lower Sixth (C3L6). For a taste of what they went through, please have a look at the challenge on the front page of the website: . There is a different problem each time you visit. This was all in preparation for a 65 mark paper, taken in late June, which is based on AS theory, but uses examples and scenarios which are far removed from the chemistry specification. Students found questions on extracting oxygen from minerals found on the moon, for example, along with extended questions on organic synthesis. This year’s students have been particularly successful, and of the 7 who chose to sit the exam, 5 have gained certificates from C3L6 in recognition of their achievements. Copper awards went to Jordan Andrews-Duggan, Ollie Johnson and Rosie Sheldrake and Silver awards went to Ellie Fish and Georgia Hill. To get Copper required a score in the top half of all entries nationwide, and Silver represents being in the top quarter. Well done to all who took part or attended any sessions. C3L6 will be open to new Year 12s this autumn, and I hope that some of the new Year 13s will try the next challenge, which is the RSC’s Chemistry Olympiad (RSC being the Royal Society of Chemistry, of course). For more information, please see