Welcome to Trevithick House

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Welcome to our House, named after the Cornish inventor, Richard Trevithick.

In our House, we encourage our students to develop their potential, think for themselves and never give up. We have fantastic community links, both locally and internationally, offering our students lots of opportunities to consider issues of local and global importance. We want our students to appreciate diversity and challenge prejudice, this will ensure they will enter the workplace more informed and questioning.

Emma Thompson, Head of House

Paul Butcher, Deputy Head of House

Our House has a long and successful history of supporting local and international charities.

We are proud of our achievements with these charities.

In 2017/18 we supported the charity called Hearing Dogs for the deaf – we were able to raise enough money to sponsor a dog called Vesper.

We had regular ‘pupdates’ from the charity and watched as he grew into a successful hearing dog. He now lives with his new owner who is delighted by the support he offers.

In 2018/19 we supported The Last Chance Hotel – this charity seeks to rehome dogs who are have no more chances, we collected lots of food for the dogs and it was collected by one of the staff; who brought a rescue dog with him. Mrs Thompson nearly pup-napped him!

In 2019/20 we supported ‘Freddy’s Fund’ Freddy and his twin brother Bobby suffered from twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). This caused an uneven blood flow between the twins, with Bobby receiving more nutrients and fluid. Bobby, the recipient twin, grew too big whilst Freddy, the donor twin, grew too slowly. The boys were born in May 2017 by caesarean but sadly Bobby was born sleeping. Upon meeting Freddy and his parents Rebecca Jefferies and Andrew Jackson back in May, the Mayor of Launceston, Dave Gordon chose to create Freddy’s Fund with the aim of raising £4,000 towards a specially adapted bed, and has been raising money ever since. Freddy suffers from a number of issues with cerebral palsy and global development delay being just two of them. Because Freddy was born in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon but lives in Launceston (Cornwall), no agreement has yet been reached as to which NHS governing body is responsible for supplying the equipment he needs.

in 2020/21 we are supporting the Wave Project, this charity supports young people aged 8-21 who have been identified as being at risk or diagnosed with a mental health issue, learning difficulty or physical disability.  The young people get invited to attend a 6 week programme of surf therapy, they will work with a volunteer mentor during this time. We have a great plan to raise money for this charity which will begin in the New Year.

As a school we support our local Foodbank each year. We have run can drives and donations and supplied Launceston Foodbank with many kilos of food to support our local community.

As a school we have a long history of supporting Bunjakko Island Vocational School. We have been linked with them for nearly 20 years, and have visited one another many times. During this time we have worked closely with Rotary Launceston and the school in Uganda to provide lots of support, equipment and facilities to improve the education of staff and students there. This has included hundreds of text books, educational equipment, toilets, mosquito nets, food, beds and clothes. In 2019 we visited the school and rebuilt the staff quarters, the teachers lived in what can only be described as small sheds, with no running water. With support from the Rotary Club we were able to add an extension to the building, which included the installations of toilets and showers for each unit, bought new beds, plastered the walls and installed proper roofs. This was life changing for them, as it meant they were able to recruit and keep good teachers. Despite Covid19 changing all our plans we were still able to complete our plan to provide a new DT classroom, with lots of support from Rotary, Launceston. It began with an idea to provide sewing machines to the school, the students would then be able to make their own clothes as well as reusable sanitary product. This led to the plan to build a dedicated room for the sewing machines and the creation of a DT qualification at the school. After many months of hard work, the building was finished in July this year, unfortunately Covid restrictions have prevented the students from attending school, and they are hoping to return in January 2022. The school will also be able to run adult education lessons for the local community, and will provide a much-needed income. We cannot thank Rotary Launceston enough for their continued support for Bunjakko Island Vocational School.