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Students Give Uganda Presentation to Rotary Club

Following our incredible trip to Uganda in 2018, Launceston College students visited Launceston Rotary Club to give a presentation about the experience. The Rotarians were amazed at how much we had achieved during our time there, and shocked to see the condition of some areas of the school, particularly the staff quarters. After the meeting many members wanted to know what they could do to support the school further and there was agreement that the staff quarters desperately needed improving.

‘The Bunjakko Staff House Improvement Project’ was decided on, and the Rotary Club applied for a grant from Rotary International, which they matched.

Bunjakko is a small island community in East Uganda. The nearest town is Buwama which is located on the main Masaka to Kampala road, very near the Equator. Bunjakko has no electricity and running water, but is in a beautiful location on the banks of Lake Victoria.

The aim and objectives of this project was to improve the living conditions for staff. Their accommodation was very poor, we wanted to repair this building, and refurbish it to ensure that the staff have adequate living quarters during term time.

The objective was to retain good teaching staff; unfortunately, due to the living conditions many teachers simply left after one term, this obviously effected the student’s education and did not support the long-term planning of the school. Students need consistency and a good education, the conditions at Bunjakko are improving each year, but by developing the staff quarters we were able to help develop the retention of the best teachers.

This school has captured our hearts. The students are passionate, and many teachers there are committed to the education of the children. As a school we plan to help develop their potential for as long as possible. The impact in our own school has been very evident, it has helped students understand other people’s traditions and cultures, developing awareness of the world we live in, and creating life changing opportunities to experience them first hand.

A detailed report was given to the Rotary Club on Monday 9th September by the trip leader, Emma Thompson. She explained how the building was transformed over a period of 10 days, which included the installation of toilets and showers, a new roof, new doors and windows allowing light into the rooms and re-plastering of the walls and exteriors. We also were able to purchase new beds and bedding. Next year we aim to tile the floors and bathroom areas, and paint the interior of the building.

The staff at Bunjakko are absolutely delighted with the accommodation, which has simply changed their lives. We would like to thank Rotary for their continued support, which has enabled both schools to develop even more opportunities for collaborative learning.

A full report of the 2019 visit will appear shortly, which will include a project led y 6th form student Jess Hill where she will be asking the local community for help.