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Spanish Exchange Day 6 – Adios Amigos – "I would go again in a heartbeat"

Our final day in Santander began for the group as a huge get together at Las Llamas school. The parents of the Spanish children brought a wonderful array of food and drink for all to share.
After the lunch it was hometime: hugs and tears abounded. So many Launceston students wanted to stay longer; Las Llamas students tried to stow away on the coach. The parents all commented on how polite and friendly our students were.
Now on the boat some of the written feedback comments include:
“I can only only say the challenge is something I would not change for the world”
“Being completely out of my comfort zone has made more resilient and confident”
“I met some great people I will stay in contact with forever”
“I would definitely do it again”
“I was completely out of my comfort zone but would do it again in a heartbeat”