Study Support in the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form we understand how daunting the jump from GCSE to A Level can initially be for students. We endeavour to support our new Year 12’s to make this transition as smooth and as positive as possible. Becoming an independent learner is key to success and all sixth form students have a minimum of an hour of supervised, independent study, in our dedicated study room, on their timetables.

In addition, all new sixth form students take part in our in-house Study Skills Programme, run by our study support tutor, which is delivered over the first six weeks of term. This covers the essential study skills students will need; the skills and qualities of a sixth former and the importance of having a goal to motivate our students to work towards university, employment or an apprenticeship. This is a general introduction to the Sixth Form, outlining what our expectations of students are and what they can expect from us. The programme covers, organisational skills, revision strategies, essay writing and plagiarism as well as dealing with exam stress.

We have many intervention strategies in place, beginning with a review of students’ progress a month into the sixth form where, for these students who may be struggling a little, their progress is tracked and they will have extra study hours added to their timetable with help and advice from our study support tutor, who liaises with subject teachers to work on any areas of concern.
We have a variety of up-to-date resources and textbooks available in our study support room, we have also invested in online resources such as Uplearn which provides support to our STEM students.  Our study support tutor, based in the sixth form study room, is available to advise and support students every day.

We suggests that students follow the Study Support Twitter account where helpful links to help with revision, across the curriculum, are regularly posted as well as UCAS and apprenticeship advice: MrsCullen@stud_ease