Enrolment Forms & Information


Welcome to Launceston College Sixth Form.

The Enrolment for Sixth Form for September 2020 is slightly different from previous years


(Please also look at the Enrolment FAQ’s page for more information)

Information for  prospective students who have already applied

  • Enrolment into the Sixth Form for Launceston College Year 11 students will take place on GCSE results day, Thursday 20th August. This change from previous years is to make sure that students receive appropriate guidance about their progression options as soon as possible after receiving their results in this most unique set of circumstances.
    • Therefore, if you have received your enrolment pack, and are coming to results day, please bring your completed pack with you.
  • We are also enrolling students into the Sixth Form on Wednesday 2nd September. Any students who are unable to collect their results on results day should attend the appointment that has been made for them on Wednesday 2nd September. Details of this appointment time can be found on the green card in the enrolment packs sent out.
  • External students new to Launceston College will be enroled on Wednesday 2nd September and students should attend the appointment detailed on their green enrolment card

Information for  prospective students who have not yet applied

It is not too late, just follow the steps below:

  • Please download and complete an application form asap, then email this to: sixthform@launcestoncollege.org.uk .
  • When you receive a reply please download, read and complete ALL the documents in the table below.
  • Enrolment:
    • If you are a Launceston College Year 11 (2019-20) student and all the above points are complete before results day (20th August) please bring the completed documents with you when you collect your results and enrolment will take place then.
    • If you are not a Launceston College student, you will be sent an enrolment time on Wednesday 2nd September, please attend at the appointed time,  and bring all your documents with you, including your GCSE results.
    • If you are a Launceston College student, but you apply after results day you will be given an appointment on 2nd September and should attend at that time, with all your documents.


Please download all the forms and read all the guidelines listed below.

Forms  Guidelines
 Enrolment Form  Course options
 Internet agreement form  Sixth Form acceptable use policy
 Learning contract  Sixth Form student guide
 Bursary form Bursary guidelines
 Post 16 transport guidelines

At your enrolment you should bring:

  • Your completed Learning Contract
  • Your Enrolment Card
  • Your Internet Agreement Form
  • Your £25.00 one off student fee
  • Your 16-19 Bursary Application form and the evidence required if applicable
  • Your GCSE results (if you were not in year 11 at Launceston College in 2019-20)

General Information

Many subject choices are possible within the timetable structure and this can be discussed at enrolment, but please read the Course Available Page to help you prepare.

In addition to their chosen programme of study all students are expected to participate fully in the Sixth Form enrichment and tutorial programme. This is designed to help them develop their skills as independent learners and to support their future career intentions.

If you still have questions please visit Enrolment FAQ’s or contact us