Sixth Form Work Experience Advice and Information

Work Experience in the Sixth Form

A good work experience placement has a huge number of benefits and is strongly encouraged for all Sixth Form students. Placements can be for one day or longer and can take the form of work shadowing, a simple experience of the work place, or actual work experience. Importantly, students are encouraged to seek placements that are relevant and that help individuals with their decision making as they embark on their chosen career paths.

Work experience placements should be arranged where ever possible to take place in the summer term during Active Learning Week. Advice, guidance and support on how to secure a work experience placement will occur during tutoring and IAG sessions. Once a student has identified an appropriate work experience placement they should collect a pack from the Work Experience Coordinator and return the required paperwork before the placement begins. Students should be aware that this may take a number of weeks as there are sections for parents and employers to complete and return.

There are occasions where students are presented with a sudden opportunity to participate in quality work experience placements that fall outside of the earmarked week in the summer. We always try to facilitate the completion of these placements but view each request on a case by case basis and always consider the following factors:

1. The attendance record of the student.
2. The proximity to exams or coursework deadlines.
3. Whether the student is on target to achieve predicted grades.
4. Any extenuating circumstances.

Where a work experience placement is offered at short notice and a lack of time prohibits the completion of the required paperwork the period of work experience will be considered as an authorised period of absence rather than work experience, and as such the reply slip from the disclaimer letter should be returned to the Sixth Form Team before the absence can be authorised.