Sixth Form Student Support

The purpose of this role is to provide all possible support to students in Key Stage 5 so that they make the best possible progress in all aspects of their development.


Grade F term time only from £17,364 to £20,138 per annum pro rata.

This role is part time on a permanent basis and is a minimum of 19 hours (max 22), 3 days a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.



  • To work under the direction of the Key Stage 5 Leader.
  • To provide support for the Key Stage Leader and all other members of the Key Stage team including study support.
  • To provide appropriate support, advice and information to all staff involved with the Key Stage.
  • To liaise with staff about students who have been identified as a cause for concern.
  • To be involved with appropriate staff development.
  • To work with external agencies as appropriate e.g. Outlook Southwest, Youth/Social workers


Students – Student support/welfare

  • To play a major part in the overall care and guidance of all Key Stage 5.
  • To act as a point of personal contact for all Key Stage 5 students if problems arise in their life.
  • To pay special attention to the needs and welfare of any vulnerable student in the Key Stage, supporting the Key Stage Leader and the Sixth Form Team.
  • To meet with students in response to identified concerns, either from staff or from students themselves.
  • Day to day dealing with behaviour in the Sixth Form block.
  • To be Sixth Form point of contact for student safeguarding



  • To provide a major point of contact for students and their families.
  • To help to develop and maintain effective, open and regular channels of communication with the parents/guardians of students in the Key Stage.
  • To assist tutors in maintaining good communications with parents/guardians.
  • To meet with parents/guardians when appropriate.
  • To arrange meetings with students in response to family concerns.


Specific to Key Stage 5.

  • To deal with matters concerning attendance and attendance reporting made directly to the Sixth Form, dealing with student in difficulty concerns ensuring accurate records are kept.
  • To liaise with finance regarding the 16-19 bursary.
  • To record all relevant and appropriate information regarding students.
  • To deal with administrative matters and promotions concerning Year11 applications to Sixth Form and to deal with general enquiries regarding the Sixth Form.

This includes:

Setting up and promoting Sixth Form Open Evening

Setting up interviews with the Sixth Form Team as appropriate.

Induction Day

Setting up and making appointments for enrolment days

Producing, updating, printing and collating all relevant forms, posters, letters etc.

Dealing with other colleges and external students and their parents/guardians.

  • To carry out administrative duties e.g. letters, spreadsheets, Year 12 & 13 enrolment, leavers destinations, students electronic files & hardcopy etc.
  • To monitor and save UCAS apply applications.
  • To provide data as required by outside agencies.
  • To deal with administrative matters concerning Post 16 transport.
  • To deal with administrative matters concerning Year group trips, visits and events (e.g. letters, consent forms, risk assessments, bookings, collection of money).
  • To assist and advise where required and produce all relevant admin for Sixth Form Leavers Day.
  • To liaise with the Resources Manager regarding promotional materials including the College web site.



  • To record all relevant and appropriate information on the SIMS system.
  • To carry out any other administrative duties that are associated with the Key Stage e.g. making appointments, letters, setting up rooms
  • To support the effective running of Sixth Form study support by supervision of study areas, taking registers and supporting students when required.
  • Careers fair, set up, man and supply information as requested.
  • Parents Teacher Meeting’s (preparation)
  • To liaise with the Careers office regarding work experience placements and job opportunities.
  • To liaise with Careers Southwest regarding student progression and welfare.
  • To be aware of and adhere to the applicable rules, regulations, legislation and procedures e.g. County Council (Equal Opportunities Policy, Code of Conduct) and national legislation (Health and Safety, Data Protection).
  • To maintain confidentiality of information acquired in the course of undertaking duties.
  • To be responsible for your own continuing self-development, undertaking training as appropriate.
  • To undertake other duties appropriate to the grading of the post as required.
  • To work for up to three days in the school holidays and to take that time back in lieu at a mutually convenient time.

If you would like to apply for this role please complete an application form on our website and email it to

Closing date for applications is Friday 20th September 2019 9am.