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Science Students Visit Peninsula Medical School

On Wednesday 8th March the science department took a group of Year 9 students to the Plymouth Peninsula Medical school at Derriford to experience life in a medical research laboratory. The medical school is a specialist centre for brain tumour research and our students were able to chat to, question and work with current medical research students during a series of activities. These activities included culturing cells, extracting DNA from bananas and studying fruit flies which are used to better understand the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Some students were also able to freeze and smash daffodils using liquid nitrogen, which proved to be a popular activity!

Our students were also able to experience a taste of university life, sitting in a lecture theatre and having lunch with medical students in the canteen. They really enjoyed the day and were able to use equipment not available in College. The students were a credit to the College, behaving impeccably, as well as asking interesting and insightful questions.

Hopefully this will inspire some of them to consider careers within the medical profession and scientific research.