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RSB Biology Challenge

In March 2019, Miss Bateman’s Year 10 separate science class sat the Royal Society of Biology Challenge paper, which consisted of two online tests lasting around an hour in total.  These were multiple choice questions requiring fact recall and logical thinking skills.  The tests really pushed the student’s knowledge and understanding, covering some content beyond the GCSE specification.

In May, the results were published and most students achieved an award including bronze, silver and gold certificates.  The gold winner, Edward Lancaster, received his award at a ceremony hosted by the Institute of Engineering and Technology in London.  Also during the course of the ceremony was the teacher of the year award presentation, announcement of the next International Biology Olympiad team, and a keynote lecture by Professor Sophie Scot about the science of laughter.

Particular congratulations go to the bronze winners (Hattie de Glanville, Ella McDonnel, Ben Greene, Joni Ward), the silver winners (Jake Craddock, Shannon Belringer), and the gold winner Edward Lancaster.  We look forward to entering students again next year.